- Prices :
Fish Prices are subject to change based on market fluctuation.
Transport costs are not included in our prices.

- Delivery :
    » Amzil Seafood is committed to respecting the delivery time period.
    » Amzil Seafood promises that our product will always be top quality.
    » Amzil Seafood promises delivery in appropriate packaging.
- Payment :

    » The buyer will pay 30% at the time of the order and the remaining 70% will be payment against documents.
    » Payment should be made either by Bank transfer or certified bank check.
    » The order delivery time will start upon receipt of the 30% down payment.
- Product Quality :
Our products are inspected and will always be accompanied by a health certificate issued by Moroccan Food & Health Authority.

- General Conditions of Sale :

    » The buyer accepts the conditions of sale once the order is submitted.
    » No change should be made to these conditions without Amzil Seafood’s prior agreement.