At Amzil Seafood, all our fish are processed by European Union Approved Factories in Morocco. All of our products are inspected and accompanied by a health certificate issued by Moroccan Food & Health Authority. Our processing factories are registered with the FDA and European Union, and are committed to all the strict requirements in place.
Frozen Fish Specifications:
Freezing method: IQF or BQF
Form: W/R, HGT, HG, or Fillet
Packing: 20 kg Carton Box and Plastic
Net Weight: 20 kg

Size Per kg :
Sardine : 8/12 pieces
Mackerel : 14/20 pieces, 8/12 pieces, 4/6 pieces, 6/8 pieces, 1/3 pieces
Horse Mackerel : 5/7 pieces, 1/4 pieces
Sardinella : 3/5 pieces, 6/8 pieces, 8/12 pieces

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